How To Automate And Scale Your Income With PPC

Use PPC marketing to automate and scale your passive income.

Affiliate Marketing & PPC Advertising

One of the most important things to master as an affiliate marketer is generating website traffic. Mastering traffic is essential to success, and PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click) is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic because it can run on autopilot.

PPC advertising lets you pay to get visitors from, e.g., Google, Bing, and Facebook. This gives you the ability to get almost unlimited visitors that are targeted to your business.

When you learn how to master this, then you are golden in affiliate marketing. The tricky part is that you pay for the ads, so you always must earn more than you pay per click.

Thankfully, there are many strategies to improve your earnings per click as an affiliate. First, the ad needs to be targeted to the audience. Next, your affiliate funnel needs to be optimized for maximum conversions.

The affiliate funnel is the key to making money with PPC. This is where you convert the visitor into a paying customer.


Top 4 PPC Advertising Affiliate Funnels:

  1. Send traffic directly to affiliate offers.
  2. Send traffic to your affiliate website.
  3. Send traffic to your opt-in page.
  4. Send traffic to your presale page.

All these methods can be profitable, but there are some key benefits to put a little more effort into it.


1. Affiliate Offer

Send the traffic directly to the affiliate offer’s sales page. This method is straightforward to set up because you don’t even need a website. It can be a good idea to buy your domain and redirect it to the affiliate link. 

However, this method only gives you 1 chance to profit, and you don’t get to influence the potential buyer before they get to the sales page. But, when this method is profitable, the money is just as green as any other method.


2. Affiliate Website

Here you can send traffic directly to your pages with articles, videos, blog posts, or whatever content you provide. Then, when you embed the affiliate offers in the content or banner ads, you can turn a healthy profit.

This is a great strategy, but it requires great content and strategies to integrate the affiliate offers for maximum income.


3. Opt-in Page

All you need here is an opt-in page and a thank-you page. It’s also a good idea to have a bribe to motivate your visitors to subscribe. You can either make a small report yourself or buy it. It should be about a problem your visitors want to solve, so you can bring them instant value. For example, 7 ways to train your puppy in…

The great thing about this method is that you get many chances to influence a subscriber than a one-time visitor. It’s also possible to get conversion rates of up to 30-40% with targeted traffic.


4. Presale Page

This method can be very effective because you use your presale page to influence the visitor’s mindset. When you prepare a visitor for the offer, they are much more likely to buy when they get to the sales page.

You will need a website with a presale page for each offer you promote. But you can easily have many different presale pages on 1 website. A good presale page gets 30-40% of visitors to click on the affiliate link, so the profit potentials are massive.



All these 4 methods can be very profitable, but they also have different requirements. It’s my recommendation to try one and learn how to master it. Then try the next one and so forth. You can even end up using all 4 methods with just one website.

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I'm Rasmus Hald, the founder of Affiliatester and I have been a digital entrepreneur for more than 10 years now. I've created this website to help my fellow affiliate marketers get started and achieve success with affiliate marketing. When I'm not writing helpful articles, I love to travel and explore the world.

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