How To Increase Your Conversions With Split Testing

Get full value from your website traffic with split testing to increase your conversion rates.

Split Test Your Way To High Conversion Rates

The single most important tool at the disposal of any online business is split testing. Split testing, also called A/B Testing, is the most effective strategy to increase conversion rates of a website because it will help you maximize your return per visitor by testing what works best.

You might be working hard to generate free traffic or paying every day to get your ads viewed on search engines or social media. But what if you could get 2, 3, 4, or even 10 times as many commissions per 100 visitors?

I know it almost sounds too good to be true. However, this is the reality with split testing. It will help you grow faster than anything else.

Here’s how you can use split testing in your online business.

The Step-by-Step Guide To Split Testing

Split testing lets you test different versions of the same page to see which version gives the highest conversion rates. These versions can, for example, contain different headlines to see which ones are the best to grab the visitors’ attention.

1. Choose Split Testing Software

Before you can get started, it’s very helpful to have a software solution to run the split testing for you. However, you can split test manually by creating multiple versions of your landing pages on different URL’s and then send half of the traffic to each page. But this will take a lot of effort and time, whereas, with a software solution, everything is automated.

I highly recommend you invest in some software to handle the testing, tracking, and everything else for you. Working smart is the key to a successful online business.

Split Testing with Divi by Elegant Themes:

We do all our split testing through the split testing feature that is integrated into the Divi Theme. Divi is a multipurpose WordPress Theme where you can build unique websites without coding skills. The theme integrates 60+ modules such as buttons, email opt-ins, blurbs, and text, where you can test all elements. You can even split test the text on a button to see which gets the most clicks.

We highly recommend you to use Divi because it lets you split test with ease and provides everything else you need to create a high converting website. This website is built with Divi, along with all our other websites. Divi gives you without a doubt the best value and cheapest split testing on the market.

Price: $89 including 1-year updates and support

Click here to read more about the Divi Theme.

Split Testing with VWO:

This is the best standalone split testing software solution that you can integrate with any website. It’s easy to integrate, works great, and contains all the same features as the split testing in Divi. However, the price is significantly higher and is monthly. The monthly cost is almost the same as a lifetime membership to Divi and all other WordPress themes and plugins included in the Elegant Themes package.

Price: From $199/month

Click here to read more about VWO Split Testing.

2. List Test Elements

When you are ready to start split testing, the first thing you need to do is make a list of all the elements you can test. An element can be your headline, paragraph, button, website design, color, and so forth. You’ll need this list to keep track of what you test and what to test next.

Every test you make will test 1 element with the call-to-action on the page. You should only test 1 element every time to ensure that you know what makes the difference in the conversion rates. Each element can be tested multiple times because you can test the text, color, size, font, and more, for example, a headline.

I will continue using the headline as an example below. The strategy is the same with each element you split test.

3. Create Different Versions

Now you need to create different versions of the text in the headline. You should create 2-5 versions of the headline. These versions could, for example, be:

  • Proven Keto Diet Plan To Lose Weight In 4 Weeks
  • Step-by-step Keto Diet Plan For Beginners
  • Are You Ready To Lose Weight With The Keto Diet?
  • And so forth…

It’s often a good idea to use power words and benefits in the headline to grab the visitor’s attention fast, so they continue reading instead of bouncing away (leaving the website).

4. Pick Winner

When you have split tested the first versions with 100-500 visitors, then pick the top-performing version of the element. Some split tests don’t require many visitors to find the winner. However, you can rarely say something general about user behavior with 10 visitors. Therefore, the more versions you create in your split test, the more visitors you’ll need. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, you should create new headline versions and repeat the test.

After you’ve picked the best converting version, you are ready to go to the style versions of the element.

5. Test Style Versions

Now you need to test different styles, like fonts, sizes, or colors of the headline. Remember, the font is 1 style test, where text sizes are another style test. If you test both things at the same time, you won’t know what made the difference.

With this in mind, you might have a long list of elements to test. So, prioritize which test will make the most difference and start with those.

6. Test Next Element

When you can’t increase the conversions any higher with the text and style of the headline, go to the next element. Now the same process continues, where you create different versions of, for example, the paragraph below the headline. Test different versions of the text, then test style versions.

You need to continue this process throughout the entire list of elements you’ve created. Each time getting a higher conversion rate than before.

7. Repeat Process 

Now that you’ve gone through your entire list, you’ll need to start over. Try to test each element again to see if you can increase the conversion rates even further. Now everything below the headline has been tested, which might provide the opportunity to make an even better headline with the new versions.

Split testing should be a never-ending process that you can do daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how much traffic you generate. It doesn’t have to take more than 5-15 minutes every time, but since this tool is so important for your returns, you can choose to spend even more time on it.

Final Words 

The earlier you start split testing, the faster you will maximize the returns on your website traffic. When you aren’t split testing, you are literally wasting website traffic. This traffic will most likely go to one of your competitors, so get started as fast as possible.

The cheapest way to start split testing is to use the Divi Theme, allowing you to design beautiful websites without coding. Divi includes 100+ pre-made website templates, 60+ element modules, and drag-n-drop technology. You can also add rows, animations, shadows, and much more with the easy interface. You can change any pixel of the website, including colors, sizes, fonts, etc. The split testing feature includes simple step-by-step instructions, so it’s easy to start split testing, even for beginners.

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