How to Make Affiliate Reviews That Sells

Create reviews of your favorite affiliate products to generate sales on autopilot. 

4 Factors To Create Affiliate Reviews That Make Sales.

Reviews have become a vital part of the internet and daily users’ behavior. Research shows that 9 out of 10 people had looked at online reviews before they made a purchase. And, 8 out of 10 people trust online reviews as much as their friends. These are significant factors to consider when you are promoting affiliate products. 

Additionally, search engines like Google depend on websites that supply reviews to solve their visitor’s needs. Therefore, review websites are on the rise in search engine rankings. This makes reviews a unique opportunity for you to increase your rankings on search engines and get free traffic to your website.

However, there can occur several challenges when you create your affiliate reviews. They have to be convincing enough while remaining true and valid. The goal of affiliate reviews is to influence people to buy a product or service. This is how affiliates get paid for their hard work on creating the review, hosting them, and getting people to see them. At the same time, if a review becomes too promotional or over-selling, it won’t work.

Here are 4 factors you can use to ensure that your affiliate reviews are of high quality and will convert visitors into sales.

1. Be ethical

The first and most important factor in affiliate reviews is that you only write reviews about products you believe will help people. Therefore, you always need to test the affiliate products before you write a review. It doesn’t matter if you are promoting your reviews to your list of subscribers or cold traffic. If you aren’t ethical, it will hurt your business. People will blame you for saying it’s a great product if it couldn’t solve their problems or help them in any way.

Think about if your best friend told you that the new movie in the cinema is the best movie he had ever watched. You get all excited and bring a few friends to the cinema just to discover that the movie sucked and you just wasted your Friday night and hard-earned money. Are you going to listen next time your best friend is recommending a movie? Of course not! It’s the same here. Make sure that you only write good affiliate reviews about products or services that you truly believe in.

2. Focus on the value

Every product and service is aimed to solve a problem that people have. The same needs to be true about a review. Reviews need to highlight how the product is a solution to solve people’s problems. People are not just looking for basic information about the product but clarity about how the product solves their problem. They want convincing reasons why they should choose this specific product instead of competing products.

Your review must not confuse the reader or push them to buy the product. It simply has to attend to the reader’s need for a hands-on experience that shows them why the product is right for them. Many people have questions and uncertainties about a product before purchase. Therefore, the review must cater to these needs for clarity about their questions, uncertainties, and indecisiveness. When you give them that in your review, they are much more likely to turn into an affiliate commission.

3. Focus only on facts

There is no need to focus on anything else than the facts in your affiliate reviews. The readers are not looking for lyrical proses or glorifying testaments. They are looking for the truth about a product or service and nothing else. Creating a simple fact-based review with enough evidence to remain undisputed is far more effective and relevant. Reviewers can use literary prowess, but it shouldn’t be the base or theme for the reviews.

When someone is looking for a review, they are not looking for blurbs or flashy descriptions. Instead, these potential customers want assurance. Their only objective with reading your review is to figure out if they should buy a product or not. So, focus on this and nothing else.

4. Integrate evidence

It can also work well to integrate publicly available evidence and opinions in your reviews. When you use external evidence to built more validity to your reviews, it increases the motivation for the reader. It brings more value to your review when it’s based on more opinions than just yours.

You should never assume public opinion, but it’s effective to cite actual opinions, reviews, and feedback from real people. You can get better results when you compile ten good reviews with references cited in the review than an 800-word mumble.

Therefore, take advantage of any public available reviews that work in favor of the affiliate product or service.

Final Words 

Writing reviews is an effective way to generate affiliate commissions, but it is not the only format that works. Creating a video can also work very well, especially if you are willing to make a recording of yourself, where you voice your honest opinion about a product. You can even get great results with a simple recording from your smartphone. Video reviews also work great on YouTube, where you can get free views. But remember to put the affiliate link in the descriptions on YouTube, so you can earn your commissions.

Use these 4 factors to make affiliate reviews that not only generate sales but helps and guides your readers. Help them make great decisions, and you will be rewarded for it.

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