How To Make Money With Native Ads

Generate passive income with native ads and affiliate marketing.

Native Ads – The Hidden Treasure

This is the way that you can generate unlimited traffic and convert it into affiliate commissions. And, the best part? When it’s set up, it’s completely automated!

That is exactly why native ads are so powerful.

And, don’t worry if you have no clue about what native ads are. Not many people know what they are. But most people that use the internet have seen them many times.

Native ads are the smoothly integrated ads you see on, for example, news sites like and You can see below the articles with a small label “Recommended by Company-Name.”

Most people don’t even realize that these articles are ads because they are integrated as “more articles about relevant topics.”

This gives you a perfect opportunity to drive traffic from thousands of websites.

But, how do you turn it into a profit?

You can use many different strategies, but the most successful one is to send the traffic to your website that converts the visitor into an affiliate click or a subscriber.

Some native ad services allow you to send traffic directly to your affiliate link. But it’s often better to influence the visitor before they reach the affiliate offer.

A popular way to influence your visitor is by writing an article about a specific problem in your niche. Then you can promote the affiliate offer as a solution in the article.

Other methods could be to send the traffic to a presale page, opt-in page, quiz page, review page, or blog post.

You want to influence the visitor towards the product or service that you are promoting. So, they see the affiliate offer as the easy and best way to solve their problem.

The better you touch the visitor’s fears or pain points and explain the benefits, the higher conversions you will get.

In order to get people to click your ads, there are a few techniques that can help you increase CTR (Click Through Rate). It’s always good to peak their curiosity and give solutions to problems. And, you should use the pain points and benefits to grab attention.

So, to sum up.

You will need the following things to get started:

  1. Affiliate offer
  2. Article / presale text
  3. Website to display article
  4. Ad copy and image for native ad

Here’s an example of how I made a profitable native ad campaign: 

I went to ClickBank and found a product with medium to high gravity and earnings per sale. Then I wrote an article about how to solve the problem that the affiliate offer solved. I then created a very simple WordPress website, where I made a page with the article.

The only link on the page is a button below the article with the affiliate offer. There are not even any menus, so all the focus is on clicking the link to the offer.

Then I wrote the ad and put it on Outbrain. Lastly, I analyzed the performance to optimize the ad and article to increase conversions.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can even outsource writing articles and building websites if that’s outside your skill level.

My advice is to give it a try. If you get stuck, then you can always outsource it later.

About The Author

I'm Rasmus Hald, the founder of Affiliatester and I have been a digital entrepreneur for more than 10 years now. I've created this website to help my fellow affiliate marketers get started and achieve success with affiliate marketing. When I'm not writing helpful articles, I love to travel and explore the world.

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