How To Track Your Affiliate Conversions

Boost your sales when you track and measure your clicks and conversions.

The Guide To Track & Measure Your Conversions

It’s impossible to understand how you generate your affiliate commissions unless you track your affiliate links. Your sales can come from any of your marketing channels or landing pages. But which channel or page are giving you the best results?

You can get a complete overview of what works and what doesn’t work when you track your affiliate links. It will let you see exactly where your clicks and conversions are coming from. However, you’ll need to use the tracking correctly to get the full value out of it. Follow the guidelines below to get the best results from your tracking.

How To Set Up Your Tracking

The best way to track your clicks and conversions is by creating a unique link for each campaign and page. Doing this will give you a complete overview of all your activities on your website and in your marketing. Every time someone clicks one of your links, you’ll be able to see exactly where they clicked.

This method will only take a few extra seconds every time you make a new campaign or page. But it can save you hours of work and money you would spend on the wrong campaigns.

The Best Tracking Tool For Affiliates

You can track your clicks in many ways, but there is one tool that, without a doubt, is the best for affiliate marketing. This tool can do everything that all the other tools can do, plus a whole lot more. It’s called ClickMeter and is used by more than 15,000 affiliate marketers.

The most important feature is the integration with different affiliate systems, so you can track the entire process from click to sales. Most other tracking solutions will only let you track the clicks, which is only half of the information you need.

It also includes other valuable features such as link cloaking, vanity links, split testing, and advanced tracking. The tracking provides a broad range of insight such as location, time, behavior, and real visitors.

You can set it up in 5 minutes without installing any code. It doesn’t require any tutorials or advanced skills to get started and achieve better results.

ClickMeter is one of the most valuable tools for affiliate marketing and will help you increase your profits significantly. The vanity links will increase how many people click, and the insights will show you exactly where you earn your commissions. And just as importantly, where you don’t earn anything.

This is the tool that every affiliate marketer needs to use. From the first time you try it, you’ll wonder how you could live without it before.

Click here to read more about ClickMeter

Other Ways To Track Your Clicks

There are many other methods to track your clicks, but you’ll get less functionality and won’t achieve the same boost in your results. However, it will be a significant improvement from no tracking. 

Tracking With Affiliate Networks

Some affiliate networks have integrated tracking in their platform. This lets you create affiliate links with a tracking code to help you keep track of your clicks and conversions. They also offer reporting, where you can analyze your results. The two top affiliate networks where you can set up tracking are ClickBank and Share A Sale.

Clickbank lets you add a tracking code when you click promote on a product. Afterward, you’ll be able to see the different links in the reporting area. This affiliate network is a great place to find digital products in almost any niche.

Click here to get started with ClickBank.

Share A Sale lets you create custom links for any of the merchants. First, you have to go into your approved merchants and click ‘Create Custom Link.’ Then you can set up the landing page and tracking code. This affiliate network is a great place to find a broad range of physical products and digital products, including popular software solutions.

Click here to get started with Share A Sale

Tracking With WordPress

You can install a plugin to track your affiliate clicks in WordPress. However, this can’t track your conversions (sales), only the clicks. There are a few plugins available that work great for affiliate marketing. My favorite plugins are Easy Affiliate Links and Pretty Links.

Both of these plugins are available for free with premium upgrades to access the full suite of features. But both plugins will provide a sufficient array of features in the free versions. These are great for keeping track of your links and monitoring how many clicks you’re getting on each of your campaigns and pages.

The features are almost identical in each plugin, such as cloaking the links and hiding the ugly/long affiliate links. So, give them a try and see which one fits your need the best.

Tracking With Link Shortener

The last tracking solution that made a list is a link shortener. This will allow you to do almost the same as the WordPress plugins. But, you won’t be able to track the conversions here as well. However, it will hide your affiliate links and shorten your links so they look nicer.

Bitly is our preferred solution for link shortening service. However, this is also one of the many features of ClickMeter, which is a much better solution for affiliate marketing. Bitly also lets you monitor all your links in one place to help you analyze your results.

Click here to get started with Bitly.

Final Words

Now you have 4 methods to track and monitor your affiliate links to boost your sales. Each method can work great, but ClickMeter is by far the best solution for affiliate marketing. Just follow the simple instructions to set up your tracking correctly, and you’ll reap all the benefits of tracking your conversions.

The earlier you start your tracking, the faster you can increase your sales while saving time and money on your marketing activities. Take action today by clicking the button below.

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