How To Make More Money From Affiliate Marketing

Discover 5 methods to make more from affiliate marketing without any hassle.

How To Make More From Affiliate Marketing Infographic

5 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Income.

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money online. However, the income can increase dramatically with some simple hacks. This infographic shows how you can take your affiliate marketing income to the next level with these simple methods.

Each of these methods will help you increase your income without wasting time. Start making your affiliate business more effective today.

Method 1: Sell A Wide Range Of Different Products

Have you ever walked into a store that only sells 1 product? I’ll bet that the answer is no. Because when you choose to promote different affiliate products and services, you get more chances to make commissions. It helps you cater to different needs that your potential customers are having as well as provides possibilities for selling more to the same customers. This is the same in affiliate marketing.

Don’t limit yourself to just one or two products. Instead, find a wide range of products that can help your customers achieve their goals within your niche. For example, if your main focus is on diet plans, maybe you could promote online diet tools, exercise plans, etc.

As long as you keep it relevant to your niche and ensure that the products will help the customers, it can help you earn more commissions.

Method 2: Use Tracking Tools 

It can be beneficial to use a tracking tool to manage your different vendor accounts and marketing campaigns. This will help you keep track of what works and what doesn’t. You might think that something is working well, while it’s a completely different campaign that actually brings in all the commissions.

It would help if you created different tracking links for each campaign you run to see exactly what is working for you. This is the most effective way to track and measure your results. You can do this with different tools, but the best tool for affiliate marketing is ClickMeter.

Click here to see how ClickMeter works.

Method 3: Create Top 10 List

Try to create the top 10 lists and use SEO to target keywords with the right intent and lots of traffic. People love top 10 lists because it helps them understand their different options, so they can make their own decisions.

When you create your top 10 lists focusing on SEO, where you target keywords with the right intent and high search volume, it can generate free traffic that is highly targeted. The right intent represents the mindset of the visitor. When they use words like ‘how to,’ ‘buy,’ and ‘start,’ they are more likely to take action compared to generic terms from your niche.

The search volumes don’t have to be thousands of visits every month to be valuable when the intent is right. Hundreds of visitors with the right intent can bring in quite a steady stream of income every month. Additionally, high-volume keywords often have more competition, so it might be easier for you to reach a higher ranking faster on lower-volume keywords with less competition. Check out the competition and find keywords for free with WordTracker.

Click here to find the best keywords with WordTracker.

Method 4: Become A Thought Leader In Your Niche

Build up authority and trust in your niche and become a thought leader. This is a great way to generate more commissions because people will identify your advice and recommendations with a higher value. In addition, it will make them more likely to buy something you promote when they believe what you say and think you have their best interest at heart.

It takes time to become a thought leader, but you’ll be able to make commissions along the way. You need to be active on social media, forums, Q&A sites, blogs, and more to achieve this. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have your own medium to communicate with your audiences, such as a mailing list and blog.

This road can take a while but remember that every minute you spend on it gets you one step closer to your goal.

Method 5: Choose Products To Promote Wisely

It’s important that you don’t just promote any product you can find out there. You should always make sure that the product will help your audience achieve their goals within your niche.

Here are 3 vital factors to consider when you pick your affiliate products:

1. Consider the popularity of the products and the previous track record of sales. 

Is it a brand new product? Or do they have many happy customers? And, how is the conversion rates of the products? All of these questions are highly relevant when you pick your affiliate product. Keep in mind that none of these questions have to be a deal-breaker. Product launches can be very profitable to promote because of added affiliate incentives, and it’s something brand new you’re promoting to your audience. However, it’s also riskier because the sales pages haven’t been tested as much, and the product might have a higher refund rate. Therefore, you should promote both successful products and product launches.

2. Consider the profit that you will make and how expensive it is. 

The commission rates are a significant factor because it’s often easier to sell cheaper products. However, selling a $10 product with a 10% commission is not very beneficial. But selling a $47 product with a 50% commission can bring in loads of commissions. Furthermore, if a product is too expensive for your audience, then it might not work. Likewise, not everyone can afford $997 products, so even if the commission is 50%, you might not make any commissions. However, selling high-ticket products can be very beneficial because it only requires a few sales to generate a solid income.

3. Consider who that target audience is.

Is the target audience of the affiliate product the same audience as you are targeting? If you are promoting products to the wrong audience, you won’t get many sales, and the few sales you might get can easily result in refunds. Always keep this in mind before you start promoting a new product to your audience.

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